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new blog + update~

Jun. 12th, 2009 | 12:18 am
music: SS501 - UR Man

well actually this isn't that much of an update haha~
mostly I just wanna say I might be busy for a while!
but I will still practice dances!
Just have to go to work in between practice..hahah.
oh and I think I will switch blogs. >_>
I already started another one...and I feel like I like
it more for some reason.  maybe because I am better
at personalizing that one than I am with this one~
Plus it has a hit counter, which I just love hahaa.

so if you wanna see that one, the address is~

perhaps on that blog I will someday explain
why I chose the name 'sarangcharms'.
well, you can kinda tell from the custom header
I made what it's all about, but yeah. ^_^
here's some pictures I found on my phone
from during finals week at college!
I forgot that I had even taken these! >_<

o-chem, ipod, chocolate, and a makeup compact..awww yeaaa. haha

Im not good at studying, clearly. i would rather take photos (of myself HAH)

these are the things we studied in.  they call them the 'cages' haha
but I really like them.  kind of prison-like though. O_o  that's my roommate
in the picture~ ^^

I finally got this necklace today~ the one from Boys over Flowers. (^_^)

that last picture isn't in any way related to the ones above it haha.
I wear that necklace everywhereeee.  I wouldnt mind Lee Min Ho
giving me that necklace...hahaaa. byee~~

big bang socks!

Jun. 9th, 2009 | 12:32 am

So I can show my ultimate obsession,
I bought these Big Bang socks on ebay!

have a look-see haha~

tae yang~

dae sung~ (I was wearing the other pair at the time...haha)

T.O.P~ such gangster flava

g-dragon~! kinda weird pose on the left...ho hohoho

seung ri!!!

I just like the package because it has korean on it...haha
I am so lame sometimes. (most of the time)
well I have to work tomorrow (blehhh)
gotta run~ ^^

hello~! [part 2]

Jun. 5th, 2009 | 11:15 pm

well Im bored...
So here are some pictures of
things I have bought recently, haha.
and some other stuff..

only the shoes in the middle are new~ the gold ones haha.
that's just my hi-top collection..hahaaa.

got this shirt on ebay from korea~ wore it in "Diva"

the hello kitty charm was a gift from a japanese friend. ^^
can you tell the background on my phone? It's Kim Bum lol.

all of my wet seal accessories..I love that store!!

lmao, the doraemon was a present~

my cousin and myself..!

ok, that's all for today~!!


Jun. 5th, 2009 | 09:07 pm

hi everyone!
Sorry I haven't posted in so long. O_o
I feel so lazy these days haha.
But yeah today I finally did a new
video, yayness!

lately I have been really obsessed with
makeup products haha.  I don't know why!
I have been watching all these tutorials
and stuff, learning how to get cool
makeup looks! it's so girly of me...lol.

I have to start work next week..blahh.
But I need the money considering I just
boughts tons of new asian clothes on
ebay. O_o  and all the makeup HAHA.

I just got cool new shoes too~
they're gold lol.  spiffy!
I think everyone should get them...
they're reebok, and I got them on
the reebok site.  they're called
like...freestyle hi disco or something.
gosh, I love them haha.

when I was filming the Diva dance..
right after I turned off the camera and music,
a deer like came outta nowhere and stopped
like 3 yards from me...and I was like OHMYGOD.
and it stopped and looked and got all confused.
it ran like 3 different directions before actually
running away across my driveway.
It was like...the funniest and weirdest thing ever.

long time!

May. 18th, 2009 | 03:30 pm
music: 2NE1 - Fire

omg!  haha, no I have not fallen off the face of the earth or anything!
I finally just finished school and finals prevented me from
being on the computer for any great length of time!

But that's all over now!
And I'm back!
And have like 13587321 dances I am gonna do soon!

I really love 2NE1!
they're so cool, especially CL!
I'm watching Spongebob now haha. ^^

not too much other news, so here are some pictures...
from the last like...month...hahah.